Taking French with Claude
is a whole lot more than just learning French.
Each week I find myself
so thoroughly nourished
by this creative process. The decision to work
with Claude has been one of the best and most enriching things I have ever done for myself. 

Karen Clothier www.wisewomenrule.com

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Coaching Sessions 

                Blossoming into

                French, joy & creativity

Have you ever dreamed to learn to speak French and, at the same time, to feed your soul and become increasingly alive and at ease in your life? 

My coaching sessions are designed to nurture and deepen your connection to your own joy and creativity while expanding your language skills. Besides expanding your French knowledge, you'll gather clarity, tools and understandings to integrate in all aspects of your life.

In addition to regular French lessons you will:

     Learn to express what you think with confidence

      Connect with your creativity and intuition

     • Expand your state of presence, joy and awareness
      Give voice to all aspects of yourself 
Clarify your thoughts, ideas and intentions
     • Develop your communication skills 

     • Establish and integrate a practice of curiosity and expansion

No matter your French level, you'll connect to your authentic self and benefit from those sessions at every levels. The methodology used in our sessions has been developed over two decades as a path of exploration of our true desires and expansive nature. While learning and evolving at your own pace, you'll soon find yourself with an increasing sense of calm, curiosity, vitality and expansion... while continuously improving communicating en français !

Modalities use in addition to French teaching methodology are:

     • Clinical Meditation and Imagery (CMI)
     • Psychosynthesis
     • Soul Conversations 
     • Mindful awareness
     • Active listening

     • Creative writing

     • Drawing
     • Expressive movement

     • Reiki

     • Tarot cards

I believe that each person has the right to blossom into their own self and fully embrace their own life. I look forward to guiding and supporting you on this journey, and to allow our sessions to unfold in their own special ways.

Contact me any time to schedule an informal 20-minute phone or Zoom conversation. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


À bientôt !


Session are offered in person, by phone, Skype or Zoom. ​
$700 for 5-session package ($140 per session/55-minute​)