Lucinda, Claude Convers Student at Bay Area French Lessons

Claude Convers is a natural born teacher. She radiates enthusiasm and brings a kind of infectious joy to her work. Under Claude’s skillful direction her classes become wide-ranging and thoroughly engaging conversations. The wonder is that one soon finds oneself intelligently discussing all manner of topics en français. Her classes thus go well beyond excellent language instruction to become explorations of the world we live in,
of ourselves, and of our roles in the world.

James Ransom,

Professor Emeritus Haverford College

James and Arlene, Claude Convers Student at Bay Area French Lessons
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Private Lessons

In person in Oakland, CA and everywhere with Skype or Zoom

If you always dreamed of an effective, introspective, and organic way to learn to speak, write, and communicate in French, my lessons are for you. With a focus on conversation and writing, tailored to your needs and personal interests, those lessons will stimulate your mind with the right mix of learning and fun.

At any level you will:

     Learn to communicate in French with increased confidence

     Expand your personal vocabulary naturally

     Integrate grammar in an organic manner
     Explore your French writing voice
     • Develop your conversation skills... en français 

$115 for 55-minute lesson when purchased in 5-class series ($575 total)

Coaching Sessions

In person in Oakland, CA and everywhere with Skype or Zoom

Do you love to learn or speak French but know that it can bring you way more than just learning a language? If yes, my Coaching Sessions are for you... they will nurture and expand your connection to your own joy and creativity while deepening and expanding your language skills. 

In addition to regular French lessons you will:

     Learn to express what you think with confidence

      Connect with your creativity and intuition

     Expand your state of presence, joy and awareness
      Give voice all aspects of yourself 
Clarify your thoughts, ideas and intentions
     • Develop your communication skills 

     • Establish and integrate a practice of curiosity and expansion

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On-going Small-Group Classes

2 to 4 persons of similar level
In person in Oakland, CA and everywhere with Skype or Zoom


To speak and write in a foreign language can create the space for the presence, openness, and joyful exploration we need to look at life and experience ourselves differently. Many writers, artists and everyday people found their true voice and sensibility through the French language. Like them, in my classes, you will gain unique insights and be able to express and share of yourself in profound and meaningful ways that will surprise you again and again. Join a group, or form your own, and let the journey begin!


You can expect to:

     Expand your French vocabulary and knowledge from the inside out

     Speak in French with increased confidence
     Create a collection of essays, memoirs, or poems
      Deepen your French writing voice by exploring personal themes

     Share your ideas and unique creativity and vibrancy en français


$75 per person per weekly class, offered in on-going monthly sessions
75 to 105-minute lessons based on the number of students

Contact me for an informal conversation to evaluate your level and find out if I am the right teacher for you.  Je me réjouis de notre conversation.