Taking French classes with Claude is a whole lot more than just learning French. Each week I find myself so thoroughly nourished by this creative writing process. The decision to work with Claude has been one of the best and most enriching things I have ever done for myself. I highly recommend her classes—they are a truly fabulous adventure that is the highlight of my week.

Karen Clothier www.wisewomenrule.com

french: the language of the heart


My specialty is to further personal and creative development using the French language as a medium for self-expression, life-exploration, and shared communication.


     private lessons for adults and children    

     conversation and creative writing classes

     translation services


I believe that our most amazing discoveries come from the least suspected places—a perfect stranger, a missed connection, a word you had to look for in a dictionary, or a feeling you never knew… I know that for my students the French language has been one of those places.


For over 12 years I have helped people embrace their life and French personality with enthusiasm, joy, and acceptance. To learn and explore a foreign language is truly one of the most stimulating endeavors one can take, the benefits and fulfillments are beyond words.


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À bientôt !