Claude Convers in nature, Bay Area French Lessons

Born and raised in the small medieval town of St-Ursanne, in the French part of Switzerland, my life journey brought me to live and travel in different countries. After earning a degree in Graphic Design at l’Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Geneva, I moved to Berlin, Germany, where I lived for seven years and became fluent in German. In the mid-90s I moved to New York City where I continued to work as a designer and art director in the advertising, fashion and financial industry. It is where I began to learn English.


In NYC, while learning a new language and adjusting to a new culture, my artistic and personal introspection process unfolded through the visual art, poetry, and various styles of dance and expressive movement. At the time I also began my studies in meditation, imagery, yoga, holistic health, reiki and to integrate Psychosynthesis in my work and everyday life. Those creative, expressive and joyful studies taught me to express, connect and communicate in ways I would have never understood otherwise and lead me to a career change I never regretted.


I have been teaching and coaching French since 2003, privately, in colleges and private schools in the Hudson Valley, Santa Fe, NM, and in the San Francisco Bay Area. My understanding of the learning and creative process guided me in developing a method connecting my students to joy and creativity through natural life's interaction.  It has been my greatest joy and privilege to witness my students’ progress, struggles and successes at learning, communicating and expressing their creative self in this complex and beautiful language.

My travels in Europe, Asia, North and Central America and cultural experiences  constantly influence my work. In my free time I continue to explore life through poetry, the arts, dance, cooking and nurturing my friendships. As for my own blossoming... I will always travel the small and big roads of the world. 

In addition Soul Conversations at SoulSpace Counseling are also offered, both in French and English. Please visit